Constant Curiosity: Fortune Favours the Firecracker Questioner

Constant Curiosity: Fortune Favours the Firecracker Questioner

To paraphrase author Ian Leslie, if you let your curiosity roam free, you’ll ask the sizzling question no one’s thought to ask.

Keynote speaker and author Jon Burkhart’s here to prove that these questions lead to breakthrough answers that shake things up for the better.

Newsflash: Most folk don’t risk making these dangerous inquiries. Let’s change this. Right now.

Jon’s obsessed by curious people who accept nothing as a given and challenge everything. These folk question with confidence, and they get results that light up the sky in your mind.

In this insightful, audiovisual show, Jon deconstructs the excursions of the bold and brave. Part investigative journalist, part rapid-fire storyteller, he will take you on an interactive romp through customer-centric content and innovation.

Along the way, he’ll bring his QUIET framework (Questions, Imagination, Empathy, Testing) to life. If you survive the entire half hour, you should find yourself ready to channel a constant curiosity, ask better questions and develop innovative ways to connect with your ever-distracted audience despite their ever-changing needs.

Location: Main Hall Date: June 7, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm John Burkhart Jon Burkhart