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Jen Munro Jen Munro

Jen Munro speaking at CMA Live 18

Jen Munro is the founder of ISSOS International, a company that designs, creates and operates international summer programs for 13-18 year olds from over 70 nationalities based at St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale Universities. ISSOS was launched in 2006 and catered to 51 students and now operates over three campuses catering to over 600 students every summer.

Jen has developed ISSOS to become the leading name in summer school education and is known as an educational entrepreneur.

Jen was invited to give a TEDx talk in the US on the principles behind what makes ISSOS so different, this has lead to Jen giving a number of talks on Values Led business and Values Led education.

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Educational Entrepreneur, Dreamer, believer in human potential, Founder of @ISSOSInt