Karen Reyburn

Karen Reyburn

Karen Reyburn speaking at CMA Live 18

Karen combines two skills that are rarely seen together: a qualification in accounting, and an artistic mindset. A Certified Public Accountant in the States, Karen moved to Scotland in 2001, where she worked for and with accountancy firms as well as running an international wedding photography business. In 2012, she set up The Profitable Firm, a creative agency that works exclusively with accountants.

Karen is a dual British-American citizen living and working from Scotland. Her creative agency is 100% virtual, with a core of 10 employees working from the UK, South Africa, Cyprus, and the US to serve accountants all over the world. Karen speaks regularly for organisations such as Xero, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), BKR International, AccountingWeb, and Accountex. She is fuelled by copious amounts of black coffee.

Find out more about Karen at theprofitablefirm.com

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Managing director of @ProfitableFirm. Love Scotland, finding and sharing beauty, wearing bright colours, creativity, laughter, God, walking.